Utilities for working with Hardwar.


RefMax was our tool used to create and edit all the 3D models and the terrain for Hardwar. I've only just managed to compile a working version of this, so I can't guarantee it's fully operational, but it seems ok. Don't expect it to be easy to use either, it was stricly an internal tool.

First of all, download RefMax.zip and unzip the files to a directory somewhere.

Then open up refmax.ini, which looks like this:


You need to change the last line so it points to the 'res' file from your copy of Hardwar, so it can find the textures.

Now you should be able to run RefMax. Select Shape Editor, then click Object on the right, and Load on the left. You should see a model I included in the zip file, which you can open and view. The perspective view uses the same controls as the Hardwar camera, and you'll probably have to zoom out straight away.

For other models, you can extract any relevant SHP, WLD or MAT files from the Hardwar 'res' file and open those in the same way.

I'll write up some further instructions if necessary, let me know if you're stuck.