WP Minor Edit – a WordPress Plugin for minor edits

Note: This plugin requires WordPress 2.7 or later. (Although see below for other options)

One of the more irritating aspects of WordPress, at least from a feed subscriber’s perspective, is that minor edits cause the last-updated date to change. The knock-on effect is that the post will find its way back to the top of an atom feed causing readers to see it again. Not the desired effect if you are, for example, correcting an insignificant typo, updating a moved link or adding a category, and even worse if you were to reorganise categories and thus blitz your poor readers with a whole batch of old posts all at once.

This plugin provides the answer, by adding a ‘Minor Edit’ checkbox when you’re editing a post. If you tick the box, the post’s last-updated date will be left alone. If you leave it unchecked, things will happen as normal. It’s that simple.

Where to get it: Download the latest version from the WordPress plugins directory.

How to install it: 1. Download and extract the zip file. 2. Upload the plugin directory to /wp-content/plugins on your server. 3. Go to the Plugins screen in your WordPress Admin and activate it.

How to get help: If you have problems using the plugin, or suggestions as to how to improve it, comment here or email me (see the Who? page for contact details).

What it works with:WordPress 2.7 or later. Other options that work for the more technically inclined: a) If you’re running 2.6 (or 2.6.x) you could make these two changes to your WordPress installation: one and two, or b) If you run an SVN version, you need to be at least this up to date.


  1. Michael JB’s avatar

    Hello! Thanks so much for this plugin. I’ve been using it for some time now on several websites.

    One question, though: is there a way to make the Minor Edit the default when going in to edit a post that’s already been published? I’d rather have the action be the other way around. That is, uncheck the box when I want the post to be updates as it normally would if the “Minor Edit” were not in place.

    Again, Thanks!


  2. `rolandinsh`’s avatar

    Agreed with Micheal JB, such check-box would be nice.

  3. Michael JB’s avatar

    Was still wanting the prechecked checkox so I added a “minor edit” to my locally installed plugin. please excuse the pun. :)

    I changed:

    input style=”min-width:25px;” name=”minor_edit” type=”checkbox” id=”minor_edit” value=”minor_edit”


    input style=”min-width:25px;” name=”minor_edit” type=”checkbox” id=”minor_edit” value=”minor_edit” checked

    worked fine!



  4. digitivity.org’s avatar

    Thanks for making this plugin. It fixes an annoyance I’ve had with updating old blog posts.

    I’ve uploaded a step-by-step guide to installing Minor
    Edit, which might be useful for novices, at:


  5. Ram’s avatar

    Is the plugin working safely with Wordpress2.8?
    I see it’s more than 200 days since last update, and it gives this little warning that it hasn’t been tested with 2.8 yet.

  6. CiaranG’s avatar

    @Ram Yes, it’s been tested and works fine with 2.8. Thanks for pointing that out – I’ll get the info in the Wordpress Plugin Repository updated.

  7. J0hnnycl1ckz’s avatar

    Hey, thanks for making this plug in. I really love it! Exactly the answer to my current dilemma.

  8. Shane’s avatar

    Any plans to add this to the “quick edit” of a post? Thanks!

  9. CiaranG’s avatar

    @Shane – I’ve never really used the “quick edit” function, but I was under the impression it didn’t change the ‘last modified’ date on the post, so it doesn’t need a ‘minor edit’ box. Effectively every edit there is a minor one. Is this not the case?

    1. Shane’s avatar

      I’m seeing the ‘last modified’ date update if I use the “quick edit”. It’s really not a big deal to click into the post to make an edit though, so I wouldn’t worry about adding that. I do very much appreciate your reply though! :)

    2. Roko’s avatar

      i use “quick edit” very often … so please add minor edit in quick edit :)

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