Lacon-iCal – a Laconica plugin for iCalendar feeds

Lacon-iCal is a plugin for the Laconica microblogging platform that provides an iCalendar (RFC 2445) feed for each user’s notices. This initial release makes use of the new plugin system, and therefore requires Laconica version 0.7.2 or higher.

The project repository is hosted at Gitorious and currently consists of a single file. Installation is simple – first, place that file in Laconica’s plugins directory, and then add the following to the end of config.php:

addPlugin('ICal', array('limit' => 20));

The 20 is the maximum number of notices that will be present in a feed – set this to a value that suits your installation.

Once the above is done, the plugin is installed, and you can access a user’s iCalendar feed by appending /ical to their profile url, so would be bob’s iCalendar feed, assuming that was running Laconica, and bob was a user there, neither of which is true.


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